Royal Strawberries

Summer is here, which -- for the kingdoms of Feorhyrna -- means it's time to raid the strawberry patch! In all the world, no item is more sought after than the Feorhyrnan strawberry: wars have been waged and kingdoms have been lost all in an effort to possess its mysterious, magical fruit.

But that was five years ago (things are more civilized now); instead of war, the kingdoms of Feorhyrna have agreed to send a select team of champions to the royal strawberry patch to collect this year's harvest. As with previous years, though, the kingdom that collects the most fruit earns the right to rule Feorhyrna (nevermind that it's only till next harvest season)--so go bust some skulls and snatch those strawberries!

Royal Strawberries is a whimsical (yet bloodthirsty) game of tactics and strategy in which players control teams of fabulous characters fighting for the fabled fruit of Feorhyrna. When the last strawberry is plucked, the harvest ends and the player with the most points (from strawberries and other bonuses) is crowned Emperor of Feorhyrna!

2-4 players. 30-60 minutes. Ages 12 and up.

Project Status: Beta playtesting. 

Project History:

  • 06/14/2013 - Playtested version 3.0 with Boston Game Makers Guild
  • 07/09/2013 - Playtested version 4.0 with Boston Game Makers Guild
  • 07/19/2013 - Blind playtesting (version 5.0) by Boardgamers of Greater Akron Design and Prototype Committee (aka BOGA DaP)
  • 09/14/2013 - Boston Festival of Indie Games 2013 showcase
  • 10/2013-4/2013 - Intensive playtesting (version 6.0) with Boston Game Makers Guild.