Imperial Harvest Character Design Contest!


Inspired by our amazing backers (thanks Tyrel and Caleb), we’re pleased to announce a Design Your Own Character Contest!! The winner will have the chance to immortalize his/her created character by having it included in every copy of Imperial Harvest! Here are the details:

  • 1) Design a character with basic and advanced sides.  
  • 2) Submit your creation by March 21st. (Submissions are now closed)
  • 3) Receive personalized suggestions about your design from creators Justin Call and Jarom Chung. All final submissions will be posted on
  • 4) After culling the submissions, the BMG team will feature the finalists in a campaign update on March 23rd.
  • 5) Imperial Harvest backers will vote on the various designs between March 23rd and March 31st (polls close on March 31st).
  • 6) Winner will be chosen on April 1st. Everyone receives the winning character with each copy of the game!

*Limit 5 entries per person.

**Please Note: By submitting character concepts and designs, you are acknowledging that Broomstick Monkey Games may have already developed similar characters for its future games, including characters for Imperial Harvest, 8 Kingdoms, and Royal Strawberries. A submission does not constitute originality and may be used whole or in part in future Broomstick Monkey Games.


1) Pick your archetype: the character must follow one of the 8 archetypes below and must include their specific character element.

  • a) Rogue: must be able to move diagonally; often has a unique kind of buff/debuff for ally/enemy team
  • b) Mage: has a line-of-sight ability; may or may not be ranged
  • c) Warrior: must be able to attack 
  • d) Defense: must be able to protect characters (might be themselves) 
  • e) Utility: interacts with items, objects, and characters in unique ways (moving characters, dropping tokens, etc)
  • f) Aethereal: may pass over/through hedges and walls
  • g) Dragon: has a breath ability (which is unobstructed by hedges); unique interactions with neutral monsters
  • h) Royal: earns extra VP for team through a tertiary objective

All characters have a primary archetype, but most have a secondary archetype, too. The Barbarian, for example, is a Warrior whose secondary archetype is Utility (because he can drop "chopped hedge" tokens), though a more succinct term would be "Warrior/Utility." Likewise, the Imperial Guardian is a Defender/Warrior because his primary focus is to defend himself and others, but he also has a weak attack in the form of his "spear" ability.

The Sorceress, on the other hand, could be classified as either a Mage/Utility (line-of-sight ability allows her to move characters) or a Mage/Aethereal (shadow walk allows her to pass through hedges).

2) Design the abilities: each character must have a basic and advanced side.

  • a) Basic Characters start with 4 AP and 2 abilities (1 basic and 1 strawberry) 
  • b) Advanced Characters start with 3 AP and gain 1 AP once they get a strawberry. They start with 2 basic abilities and 1 strawberry ability.

3) Be creative, ask for help, and have fun!

Get inspired by your favorite abilities, characters, mechanics, themes. Creating a character has been one of the best parts of Imperial Harvest, and we’d be happy to answer questions, offer suggestions, and lend support to our amazing backers!