What We're Up To

Summer's winding down and our Kickstarter Campaign is fast approaching, so what are we up to here at Broomstick Monkey Games?

  • Imperial Harvest is printing! We've received word that Imperial Harvest is printing and we should be receiving a proof copy any day now. Get excited backers, not long now!
  • 8 Kingdoms Kickstarter page is under way. We've started building the Kickstarter page, including working with our videographer to develop some great intro and how-to-play videos for the games that come with 8 Kingdoms.
  • Graphic design is being finalized. Now that our prototype copies of 8 Kingdoms have been developed, we're refining the design for the best gameplay experience, plus the coolest look and feel. You can get a glimpse of our process in our icon design discussion.
  • Review copies are out. We've sent out a handful of review copies of 8 Kingdoms to several trusted reviewers. We'll be sure to let you know when they post their reviews and previews, so stay tuned!