8 Kingdoms Launches Tomorrow!

This week at Broomstick Monkey Games, we're all hustle and bustle with the launch of our second Kickstarter campaign: 8 Kingdoms. Around 9AM EDT/6AM PDT, our Kickstarter page will go live, and we invite you to explore the full offering of our new card system, and hopefully make a pledge for your copy of the game, or to even become a character in 8 Kingdoms (and possibly future Broomstick Monkey games!).

If you want to hear the moment the campaign launches, your best options are to:

Once the campaign is live, you can watch our introductory video, browse the rulebook to see our four original games for the card system, check out our stretch goals and more. We have a lot of cool stuff to add to the game, including additional art (on top of the 180 unique characters), extra components, and additional game mechanics that make those new components even more useful.

On the Imperial Harvest front, our publishers Whatz Games have completed production and should be shipping our games this week. If everything goes smoothly in transit and with customs, backers should be getting their copies even earlier than expected (knock on ALL the wood). If you haven't pledged for or pre-ordered a copy of Imperial Harvest or the Merchants & Magic expansion, you can do so at our online store.

The world of Feorhyrna is getting even bigger, and we're not stopping here. So get ready and get excited for more fantastical, tactical, strawberry-picking excitement from Broomstick Monkey Games!