Becoming a Character in 8 Kingdoms

The Kickstarter for 8 Kingdoms starts in just one week, and one of its big selling points are the 180 unique pieces of character art, one for every rank in every suit in the deck. But that's only half the story. Not only will every character be unique, almost all of them will be illustrations of our Kickstarter backers from the upcoming campaign.

In Imperial Harvest, we had three reward levels to become characters in the game. In 8 Kingdoms, there will be multiple reward tiers to become one (or more) of the figures on our cards.

How It Works

If you pledge to be in the game, you'll need to send us a photo or two, ideally posed as your character. Our artist will take your photo and transform you into a denizen of Feorhyrna, perhaps a sturdy farmer or a ghastly wraith. There are 8 versions of each rank (1 per suit) so pick your favorite and get ready to be amazed at your transformation.

At the simpler levels, you'll get a hand-drawn black-and-white illustration of your character, which will be placed on a ranked and suited card.

Emperor-level backers will get a full-color illustration on the 21-rank of their suit, plus a separate black-and-white illustration for the accompanying card of that suit (e.g., the Badlands King Emperor would also get the 13-rank King in the Badlands Suit).

What You Can Get

There are three levels to become a character in the game. The top level is to become one of the Emperors in the game. The Emperors are the top rank in every suit, and becoming an Emperor will also get you an accompanying lower-rank card (see above for explanation).

The next level down gets you any one of the ranked cards (excluding those associated with an Emperor). Backers will get to choose their character on a first-come, first-served basis.

Lastly, there will be a highly affordable economy tier to be in the game as well. This tier also gets a black-and-white illustration, but the first backer at this tier will go after the last person of the higher tier, so if you're not quite as picky about which rank or suit you are, you can be in the game for a lower pledge.

Of course, all three levels will also include a copy of 8 Kingdoms so you can show off to your friends. Check back next week to see all our pledge levels and everything 8 Kingdoms can bring to your next game night!