What We've Been Up To

...and we're back! We've been busy since the Kickstarter wrapped up last March, and most of our post-writing efforts have been going to our KS Updates. We considered posting the same content on here as well, but we figured that people who wanted to get those updates were likely already getting the Kickstarter emails anyway. Now that the files are off to the printer, though, we're back to devoting our time to weekly blog posts about games, game design and what's going on here at Broomstick Monkey.

So, what exactly have we been up to for the past couple months? Well, we did a number of things.

  • We finalized Imperial Harvest! All of our press files have been designed, proofed (and re-proofed) and sent to Whatz Games for production. This has been our main priority since our Kickstarter finished, as we want to get the finished product to our backers on schedule.
  • We launched the BMG Store! Now that we have an actual product to sell (or at least pre-sell), we've officially opened our Broomstick Monkey store. There you can find pre-orders for Imperial Harvest and the Merchants & Magic expansion, plus some other great swag to show your BMG pride.
  • We developed the Imperial Harvest Quest Deck! While we didn't reach our $20K stretch goal to include a Quest Deck in every copy of Imperial Harvest, there was such strong interest among our backers for this add-on that we developed it and made it available on our store page. The Quest Deck is being produced along with the game itself, so any pre-orders will be delivered along with the game.
  • We expanded our social media. We've always had our Twitter account and Facebook page, but we've now also expanded to Instagram and Reddit.
  • We're preparing for our next game. This fall, we're going to be launching our second Kickstarter campaign to support the Eight Kingdoms game system - a customized deck of cards featuring art from the Royal Strawberries universe, complete with 4 games you can play with the deck and some other cool goodies - but we'll get more into detail about all that as the campaign gets closer.

It's been a busy couple months, and there's a lot more in store over the rest of the year for Broomstick Monkey games. We look forward to sharing our latest news, discussing hot topics in gaming and connecting with you all. Have a great summer and check back next week for a new post!