Welcome to the Eight Kingdoms, Part II: The Outer Kingdoms

"Better under the Tyrant's thumb than under his boot."

-Badlands Proverb

Last month, we looked at the four central kingdoms that make up the empire of Feorhyrna. But as the name of our upcoming release -- Eight Kingdoms -- implies, that's not where the world of Royal Strawberries ends. Beyond the borders of the empire are four more kingdoms. And while they may not share a place under the Pact of Feorhyrna, their ambitions are just as grand, and the threat they pose is just as intimidating.

Highlands Kingdom

The stoic and unreadable Warden makes a formidable foe, not because of the Highland's military might, but rather, because his intentions are always nearly impossible to discern. His Kingdom fosters a people with a rich culture, long-standing traditions and a fierce loyalty to the rocky slopes and misty valleys that the Highlanders call home. While the Highland Kingdom has never outright declared war against the Feorhyrnan Empire, the Warden's interest in the power of the Royal Strawberries is one of the few things people know for sure about him.


Swamp Kingdom

The Witch Empress of the Swamp Kingdom keeps an aura of mystery about her by choice. Those that look upon her each give a different tale of her appearance – and each tale seems to tell more about the teller than about the witch herself. The Swamp Kingdom itself is just as befuddling, with winding paths leading to foul mires and inescapable bogs. The Kingdom is a death trap to those unfamiliar with it, but a treasure trove of botanical reagents and alchemical compounds to those who can navigate it. It is rumored the only ingredient you cannot find in its swamps are those that grow exclusively in the Imperial Garden.


Tundra Kingdom

For as long as anyone can remember, the Tundra Kingdom has been ruled by the Frost Wyrm. Not a Frost Wyrm . . . the Frost Wyrm: an ancient being rumored to have been born in the first days of Feorhyrna. With a voracious appetite but a cunning strategic mind, the Wyrm uses its subjects to wage war on its neighbors, sating its hunger for meat and its lust for power, one terrifying invasion at a time. Were it not situated between the might of the Mountain Kingdom and the defenses of the River Kingdom, some say the Tundra would have spread over half of Feorhyrna already. In the most difficult of battles, the Wyrm itself is said to come out of the white fields to bring its powerful ice magicks to bear against its enemies.


Badlands Kingdom

The endless wastes and foul weather that plague the Badlands are reason enough not to visit, but what truly keeps people at bay is its ruler, the vicious Tyrant. It is unknown if there's just been one Tyrant in the past decades, or if it has been a series of would-be kings in a sequence of assassinations and coups. They have all shared the same despotic outlook, however, so it doesn't make much difference to its down-trodden people. The Tyrant has also maintained a persistent interest in the power of the Royal Strawberries and the throne of Feorhyrna, where his rule could reap a much greater harvest. With mercenaries, spies, and assassins at his beck and call, the Tyrant is a constant threat to the peace of the Central Kingdoms.