Eight Kingdoms Kickstarter Launches September 29th

The day is finally here! Well, not THE day. But today we're announcing that THE day will be Tuesday, September 29th. That's the day we'll be launching our Kickstarter and you can back our newest release: Eight Kingdoms!

Eight Kingdoms is a full-fledged game system, with 180 cards in 8 suits, plus 4 special cards. The package comes with four complete games ranging simple to medium complexity. Plus, we encourage players to develop their own games with the system. Each kingdom has 22 unique cards with different characters, so the opportunities for depth and customization are endless.

The Kickstarter is going to be fast and furious, but with some really cool opportunities for our backers, including your chance to be a part of our game. We'll have more info to come as our launch day approaches. In the meantime, we'd recommend following our Twitter and Facebook pages for the latest updates from Broomstick Monkey Games, and everything we've got going on for Eight Kingdoms.