Eight Archetypes, Endless Possibilities

We've gotten a few questions over the course of the Imperial Harvest Kickstarter campaign about why we have 8 character tokens for each team. With 3 characters per team and 10+ characters going into the base game, 8 seems like either too many or too few tokens. The answer is all about archetypes, and while we touched on this concept briefly in a previous post, now seemed like a good time to delve a little deeper into the topic and describe the effect these archetypes have on Imperial Harvest and the Royal Strawberries universe as a whole.

Eight Tokens for Eight Archetypes

So, first things first, why 8 tokens per team? Well, because there are 8 archetypes in Imperial Harvest. Each team must have 3 characters from 3 different archetypes in a game of Imperial Harvest, so by having all 8 archetype tokens, either team can, in theory, draft any character onto their team.

Each archetype has a theme which defines its characters, and because each character on a team must be different, every team in Imperial Harvest will have a blend of different strengths, which you must use to your best advantage in play.

The Dryad, our first Aethereal character.

The Dryad, our first Aethereal character.

The eight archetypes are:

  1. Warrior: Self-explanatory, excels at fighting
  2. Defender: Also pretty straightforward, protects itself and others
  3. Aethereal: Portmanteau of aerial and ethereal, flying over or passing through obstacles
  4. Rogue: The fastest and most maneuverable characters; usually features a buff/debuff element
  5. Utility: Can interact with items, objects, and characters in unique ways; includes dropping useful items, strategic traps or other objects with special effects
  6. Creature (formally Dragon): interacts with Neutral Monsters such as the Hydra
  7. Mage: Another ranged character who can affect anyone they can see
  8. Royalty: Making their own rules by creating unique victory point conditions

Beyond Mechanics

Beyond creating a unique set of character types for Imperial Harvest and Royal Strawberries, the 8 archetypes are also closely tied to the lore of the games' universe. Feorhyrna, the world of Royal Strawberries, comprises 8 Kingdoms (also, incidentally, the name of our next project).

It's no accident that the number of kingdoms and number of archetypes match. While each kingdom boasts characters of every archetype, each has a specialty and its champions and leaders tend to be of a particular archetype. This not only helps structure the world, but gives each kingdom it's own unique advantages and flavor. In Royal Strawberries, for example, the Desert Kingdom favors the Rogue archetype, which means that its Rogues start the game with special abilities. Likewise, the Mountain and River Kingdoms favor the Warrior and Defender archetypes (respectively) so their kingdoms tend to favor strategies that play to those strengths.

Like our strategy for the Royal Strawberries property in general, the thinking behind those 8 tokens in Imperial Harvest goes far beyond the game itself, to a comprehensive world and mechanic that affects every character in the universe.

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