Avoiding the Kickstarter Plateau

It's a common trend in Kickstarter campaigns: You make good money in the first few days, then things seem to slow down. Weekends don't help, but what was initially a deluge of support becomes a trickle of pledges for weeks on end. It's not until the end of the campaign that you might see some pickup, and if you have funded by then, it can be a nerve-wracking experience. So how do you avoid that mid-campaign slump and keep momentum going to reach your funding goal and beyond?

1: Publicity

Reviews, previews, campaign lists. Anywhere you can find placement throughout your campaign will help keep it at the top of people's minds, and will bring fresh eyes to your page. Positive press is always best, but even a simple nod from a "current Kickstarter campaigns" article can garner some fresh backers.

2: Expanding Your Social Media Audience

Having a good social media base is great for getting a strong start in your campaign, but after a week, everyone who is going to back your game among your followers has probably done so. You should still communicate with your followers, but understand that your audience is basically saturated by Day 7. At this point you need new audience members. You can gain these by encouraging backers and followers to spread the word, as well as by using "retweet and share" giveaways to garner new followers and fans on you social media accounts.

3: Funding Early(ish)

A lot of Kickstarter is about perception. Statistically, campaigns that fund within the first week tend to do better because they give the impression of popularity. Funding too early, however, may cause people to think you set your goal artificially low, or that you don't really need the money, and can cause a slowdown. Set your funding goal strategically so that you can reach it reasonably early in your campaign, giving enough time to go beyond your goal and reach some stretch goals.

4: Stretch Goals

Enticing stretch goals can help keep momentum going in two ways. First, a fund-by-deadline stretch goal can encourage backers to tell their friends in order to secure an early bonus for their pledge. Second, having more exciting stretch goals beyond your initial funding will encourage your backers to stay involved and even increase their pledges to get more out of your campaign.

5: Updates

Using updates wisely can also help your campaign. Inform your backers about a specific pledge level or an add-on that they might be interested in. For Imperial Harvest, a recent update we ran about PennyGems led to several backers increasing their pledges to include the add-on. Increased funding is increased funding, whether you're attracting new backers or cultivating your existing backer base.

Hopefully these tips will help you avoid a slump in your Kickstarter campaign. With enough momentum, you'll not only see your game funded, but you'll exceed your goals and set yourself up for future success.