Imperial Harvest Art Preview #2: Guardians and Beasts

Welcome to our next Imperial Harvest Art Preview. Since we looked at the Northern Raiders last time around, I figured we could take a look at one of the Imperial team's characters, along with a neutral, but exceedingly dangerous figure in the royal gardens, the Hydra!

The Guardian

The Guardian is one tough cookie on the Imperial Harvest board. He's the only character who can actually block attacks, at least in the direction his shield is facing. His advanced side can also protect nearby allies. He cannot attack directly until he's picked up a Royal Strawberry, however, so you'll need to use him tactically.

Just look at this guy. You can tell he's no-nonsense, and that shield is ready to do some defending. And once he get's to using it, that spear is nothing to mess with either...

The Hydra

This multi-headed terror is an equal-opportunity attacker, and its art was designed to show just that. Three snake like heads, each with its own personality, cunning eyes, and a nasty set of teeth. The green one doesn't even have to bare them, he just stares at you with his heterochromic eyes and you know he's trouble.

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