Imperial Harvest Art Preview #1: The Northern Raiders

As the Imperial Harvest Kickstarter nears, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at some of the characters and art that you'll see in the game. For this first preview, take a look at one of the most intimidating characters from the silver team, also known as the Northern Raiders, along with part of the modular board.

The Barbarian


A Warrior archetype, this character isn't big on subtlety. But what he lacks in finesse, he makes up for in raw power, attacking opponents directly and even clearing paths through hedges for himself and his allies. You can tell he's a wild man with his wolf pelt outfit and a hefty sword, great for chopping trees, garden hedges or even Imperial adversaries.

The Raider's Camp


This is probably one of my favorite tiles in the game, just because it's so rich with details. From the smoke wafting off the campfire to the wolf with its pack beside its bowl of food, you can tell that these raiders have set up a makeshift base of operations as they get ready to steal the Royal Strawberries.

One of the things that makes Imperial Harvest so cool is how every tile piece tells some kind of story or at least captures that hedge maze feeling with its attention to detail. Like I say, this is just a preview. There's so much more to see inside the box.

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