A Quick Introduction

It’s our pleasure to welcome Broomstick Monkey Games’ newest team member, our Social Media Director Ben Marshalkowski. Ben is a long-time member of the Boston Game Makers Guild, though he recently located out to California. He works in both tabletop and digital game design, and he’s the author behind BoardGameBen’s Blog.

Ben brings his writing talent and online experience to Broomstick Monkey’s web presence, updating our blog, Twitter, Facebook and other online channels. What does this mean for you? Well, you’ll be able to:

  • Read more blog posts. We’ll be posting weekly, if not more often, about news from Broomstick Monkey and the gaming industry, along with game design and Kickstarter tips.

  • Interact with us on Twitter. This is where we’ll share anything cool we find, and is probably one of the quickest ways for us to respond to you if you have a question or comment for us.

  • Like us on Facebook. There are always extra tidbits of insider info here, along with the latest news about Broomstick Monkey Games.

  • Other stuff, too! Ben is still getting to know the company, but he’s always looking for new ways for us to deliver helpful info, interesting news and terrific games to you all.

Please join us in welcoming Ben and get ready for an exciting few months ahead (but we don’t want to spoil anything quite yet)!