The Nice List: BMG's Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year again: When board gamers join Secret Santas on BGG and Reddit and secretly hope that their relatives don't buy them Monopoly: All My Children Edition. So, if you're shopping for a finnicky gamer or picked up a secret santa with no hints as to what they might want, we're here to help. Here are some games and other goodies we think are always a good fit for any level gamer.


Clocking in around $10, this game makes a perfect stocking-stuffer or add-on. The premise is dead simple - play your cards to stack suits in ascending order. The hitch? You can't see your own cards, so your teammates have to give you hints as to which card to play. It's a co-op game that's easy to learn but impossible to "take over."

Penny Gems

Dave Howell's Penny Gems aren't just for Imperial Harvest. He also makes gems you can use as trackers in almost any CCG, LCG or other tabletop games. Buff heroes, play token monsters or simply track your HP in style with these eye-catching gems. Check out Dave's Etsy page for more info.

One-Night Ultimate Werewolf

If you know a gamer, chances are they've played the classic Werewolf or Mafia more times than they can count (especially if they've been to BGG.CON). One-Night Ultimate Werewolf takes all of the accusing, bluffing and out-right lying through your sharpened werewolf teeth of the original, and packs it into a single vote. You can make the game as simple or complex as you want with different roles, and each round lasts about 15 minutes (or less!). A great filler in more ways than one.


Sushi Go!

Sushi Go! takes the concepts that make 7 Wonders and Among the Stars great and slims them down to their most elegant. Take cards, build sets and score points over several rounds of sushi-sorting competition. Plus, this is a great way to introduce people to mechanics like drafting and set collection to lead them into meatier games. I mean, fish is meat, but you get my point.


Bang!: The Dice Game

Another twist on a classic, this one takes the original Bang! and boils down its card drawing, hand management and tableau building into a roll of the dice. Another social game with hidden roles, team play and cutthroat tactics, Bang!: The Dice Game is perfect to break out at a holiday party.

That's what we'd recommend for the gamer on your shopping list this year. Or you could just promise to get them a copy of Imperial Harvest this February.

What's on your holiday wish list? Tweet us @playbmg or comment on our Facebook page with the games you're hoping to get this year.