Meet the Team, Part III: Mark Purcell, Chief Financial Officer

Mark sometimes elects to get away from it all. Working with a bunch of monkeys, we can't blame him.

Mark sometimes elects to get away from it all. Working with a bunch of monkeys, we can't blame him.

This week wraps up our team introductions at Broomstick Monkey, with the keeper of the keys, the ruler of the records, our financial officer, Mark Purcell. If you want to have a successful board game business, you need someone who knows business. Mark knows business inside and out, but he's ours and you can't have him. Sorry. But you can find out some more about him, and how he first learned about the world of board gaming beyond the big box stores.


What is your role at BMG?

Mark Purcell: I primarily handle the finances and accounting for the company, although I like to help out in any way that I can.  I have a background in financial analysis so I love observing how the industry works and how our company can contribute in a meaningful way; and hopefully provide a bit of income for some guys with real life responsibilities and families who need it!  I have my hand in pretty much anything business related in the company including: treasury, analysis, marketing, manufacturing, etc.  


How long have you been gaming/how did you get into gaming?

MP: I grew up in a very casual gaming family.  We would frequently play popular games like Monopoly, The Game of Life, or Rummikub.  I always loved playing games but never really thought of it more than an occasional pastime until I met Justin.  He introduced me to the actual world of gaming, I honestly did not know there were games outside of what was sold at Wal-Mart… sad.  Once I realized how much fun games could really be I really starting paying attention and now play any chance I can get!


What are your favorite games or types of game?

MP: I love games that have enough strategy and elements to keep me from getting bored but that are also accessible to a more casual gamer.  I value the social interaction of gaming just as much or more than the actual competition in games.  I also love most card games, they are perfect for my family who can have a hard time focusing on a more strategic game.


What made you want to work for Broomstick Monkey Games?

MP: I started working with Broomstick Monkey by simply giving Justin some business advice once he had first started the company.  I have a passion for entrepreneurship so I love helping small businesses and I also love gaming so this seemed to be the perfect fit.  When Justin asked if I would join the company as a permanent member I was excited to work on something that I actually enjoyed!  I find the industry fascinating, there are so many changes going on currently with tabletop gaming, it is more accessible than ever I see the market continuing to grow in the future.  It is a great time to be involved in designing and manufacturing games.


What do you hope to see Broomstick Monkey do in the future?

MP: I envision Broomstick Monkey Games as being viewed as a standard in the industry as how designing and fulfillment of games should be.  Everyone involved here at the company is passionate about providing quality games to those who love playing games as much as we do.  We are fortunate to come in at a time where others like Jamey Stegmaier, James Mathe and so many others have been open about what has worked and not worked for them and their company's.  We have been students of the industry for over 2 years now and feel that we can come in and hit the ground running.  Of course, we hope to be open about our own mistakes and learning experiences to help others in the industry.  My main goal on a higher level is to continue to expand the market of those that play games, our society continues to lose face-to-face interaction time with other humans, gaming provides a chance for us develop and nurture the relationships in our lives that are the most important.