Throwback Thursday: 10 Reasons to Back a Kickstarter

Every Thursday, we'll be linking back to an older, but invaluable posts about board games, Kickstarter and game design.

We're kicking off this tradition with a post from Kickstarter wise-man Jamey Stegmaier, The 10 Reasons I'll Back a Kickstarter Project. This is more of a mile-high view of Kickstarter projects, speaking more about the uniqueness of a design or the quality of components. This is kind of refreshing though, as today the hot-button issues on Kickstarter always seem to be Early Bird back levels and Kickstarter-exclusive content.

One particularly interesting point is that Jamey looks for games that are 90-99% finished but not 100% finished (because then it's just a pre-order). It seems like there's always a balancing act on Kickstarter for games, because backers want a low-risk investment, but they also want influence on the game's final development.

Anyway, you may have read this post back in January when it came out, but we think it's worth another look. After all, it's Throwback Thursday!

Kickstarter Lesson #77: The 10 Reasons I’ll Back a Kickstarter Project