Sneak Peek: Imperial Harvest

In addition to chatting about game designing and discussing Kickstarter strategies, we'd like to give you an exclusive look at what we're cooking up here at Broomstick Monkey Games. In the spirit of garden games we looked at a couple weeks back, our first game is a light yet strategic 2-player (or 2-team) game called Imperial Harvest, set in our Royal Strawberries universe.

The Premise

The world of Royal Strawberries centers around a special fruit of that is the world's namesake. Dominion over the world of Feorhyrna is determined in an organized contest where different factions try to raid and collect the most Royal Strawberries. In the off-season, however, Raiders from the North attempt to pilfer these rare and valuable fruit, with only the Imperial Servants standing in their way.

In Imperial Harvest, you take up the mantle of either the Northern Raiders or the Imperial Servants, in an effort to collect the most strawberries for your own purposes or for safekeeping, respectively.

The Gameplay

The game of Imperial Harvest runs on a fairly simple premise: Each round you activate two characters. Those characters get a certain number of actions to move, pick strawberries, deposit strawberries at their camps, and attack other players. Whoever has the most strawberries at the end of seven rounds wins.

The strategy comes in making the best use of your character abilities and positioning your characters around the labyrinthine strawberry patch – navigating hedges, crossing moats, outwitting your opponents and avoiding the hydras that lurk in the water. Casual players will enjoy a fast-paced race through the strawberry patch, while more experienced gamers will have the opportunity to develop strategies and maps in which to play.

More details will be coming about this new addition to the Royal Strawberries canon. We'll also be launching a print-and-play version to the public very soon, so keep your eyes on the blog and watch your back in the strawberry patch!