So what exactly is Broomstick Monkey Games? Are you a publisher, a game designer, or something else?

All of the above! We're a small company with big ideas, lots of game designs, and an interest in the game publishing industry. In addition to publishing our own games and raising crowd-funding through Kickstarter, we design and develop games, offer playtesting and consulting services to other game designers, and seek ways to share our knowledge of the gaming industry with interested parties -- be they casual gamers or gaming enthusiasts.

And who exactly is the man behind the curtain?

Broomstick Monkey Games is currently composed of three members:

Justin Call, President & CEO

In addition to overseeing the affairs for Broomstick Monkey Games, Justin is an accomplished screenwriter and fantasy novelist. He has a strong talent for writing narratives, telling stories, and analyzing games. He is a long time member of the gaming community and maintains an active presence on Boardgamegeek. Together, Justin and Jarom are responsible for designing the bulk of Broomstick Monkey Games' creative projects.

Jarom Chung, Vice President & Creative Director

Jarom’s involvement started as a casual play tester for Royal Strawberries. Now as part of the company, he takes a more active role in game design and organizing play tests. In his “spare” time, he works on his PhD in biomedical sciences. He frequently uses his analytical and mathematical modeling skills to help balance game mechanics and game objectives.

Mark Purcell, CFO & Treasurer

Mark primarily handles the financial and business affairs of the company, but he also has a passion for gaming and tries to help on creative side acting as a cheerleader/play tester as much as he can.  In addition to Broomstick Monkey he is also working full time and pursuing his MBA degree through Utah State University.


What's with the flying monkey?

Oh, him? That's just our mascot, Broomstick. He likes games (a lot). And so do we.

Broomstick Monkey Games LLC was originally established in 2013. In September of that year, it featured a prototype of its flagship game, Royal Strawberries, at the Boston Festival of Indie Games. Since then, the company has grown and added several other game designs to its publishing docket. Our initial run of games (including Imperial Harvest, 8 Kingdoms, and Royal Strawberries) all have themes related to the world of Royal Strawberries, but we have several other games that are completely original and appeal to other niches of the gaming market.

Game Makers Guild

Broomstick Monkey Games is a proud member of the Game Maker's Guild.