8 Kingdoms

A series of 4 card games that can be played with the same thematic deck, featuring characters from the world of Royal Strawberries and the talented artwork of our illustrator, Audrey Farr.

2-8 players. 20-40 minutes. Ages 8 and up.


8 Kingdoms components: 

  • 196 cards, including...
    • 8 suits ranked 0-21 
    • 4 specialty cards
    • 18 scourge/treasure cards

Kingdom Quest

  • 2-8 players
  • 30 minutes 
  • Ages 12 and up

Cards Needed: 4 suits for 2 players; 6 suits for 3 players; 8 suits for 4-8 players. 4 specialty cards set aside (Phoenix, Barbarian, Hydra, Spy). Hand Size: 15 cards

Welcome to Kingdom Quest! As the emperor of your realm, it is your duty to recruit champions that will bolster your kingdom. More importantly, these champions can embark on Quests against the Hideous Hydra, the Everlasting Phoenix, the Brutish Barbarian, and the Cunning Spy. If your champions are successful, they will bring honor to your kingdom through additional bonus points. A Royal Warning: You must be vigilant, for neighboring kingdoms will attempt to steal your champions! Good luck, fair emperor, and may you be successful in recruiting your champions for the Kingdom Quest!

SummaryKingdom Quest is a themed, multiplayer card game in which players start with an Emperor (representing themselves and their kingdom) and are given a hand of cards from which they must draft/recruit new champions to their Kingdom (suit). Points are obtained through a combination of melding sets (identical champions from multiple suits), runs (a continuous string of champions from the same suit), collecting Kingdom Cards (any champions from your own suit), and completing Quests (designated by specialty cards).

Objective: Receive points for achieving Quests and building up your Kingdom. The player with the most points at the end of the game (3 rounds) wins!

For a more detailed rule explanation of Kingdom Quest, please visit this link!


  • 2-6 Players 
  • 45 minutes (full game); approx. 10 minutes per round 
  • Ages 8 and up

Cards Needed: 1 suit per player (ranks 0-16); all 18 scourge/treasure cards; Hand Size: 17 cards (1 suit, ranks 0-16)

Battle rival kingdoms for the coveted treasures of Feorhyrna! Out guess, outbid, and outwit your foes as you send forth champions to compete for the realms priceless artifacts—but beware! A scourge also plagues the land: spies plot, tyrants threaten, and ogres run rampant. Will your champions fall prey to these dangers...or will they tame them and bring greater strength to your empire?

Summary: Scourge is a game of blind-bidding, card counting, set collecting, and bluffing. Players start with an identical hand of cards (their kingdom's champions) and simultaneously bid on cards revealed from the Scourge Deck. High cards win treasures, low cards win scourges (which have special abilities), and all ties cancel out. When 16 cards have been claimed, the round ends and players tally up their scores from accumulated scourge/treasure cards.

Objective: The player with the most points at the end of 5 rounds is the winner!

For a more detailed rule explanation of Scourge, please visit this link!


  • 3-8 players 
  • 20 minutes 
  • Ages 8 and up

Cards Needed: all 8 suits and all 4 specialty cards; 18 scourge/treasure cards. Hand Size: Variable.

In the weeks immediately following the annual harvest, it is customary for the new Emperor or Empress to host a grand masked ball, ostensibly so former adversaries can safely court one another and reassert cordial relationships. The truth, of course, is something more opaque: the masked ball is a chance for the losers of the harvest to lick their wounds, curry favor with the new ruler, and secretly spread lies and calumny. Likewise, agents from the four outer kingdoms are often hidden amidst the masked attendees, making secret alliances and parleying for favors. Due to the secret nature of the festivities, the most influential party-goers remain long into the night, while those with less savvy slowly find themselves shunned. In such perilous political circumstances, faltering houses will often challenge the assertions of other nobles, hoping to redeem themselves by slighting another guest...but just as often banishing themselves from the ball.

Summary: Players take turns guessing how many cards of each suit are held by all players. When another player believes someone has guessed too high, that player may challenge the acting player. Players who fail their challenges (either by challenging wrong or being successfully challenged by another player) must turn one of their cards face-out for the next round! But with hand sizes dwindling each round, players must fight to keep their own hand information secret.

Objective: Be the last player with cards in hand at the end of 9 rounds.

For a more detailed rule explanation of Redemption, please visit this link!

Control & Chaos

  • 2-8 Players 
  • 45-60 minutes 
  • Ages 12 & up

Cards Needed: 3 suits (ranks 0-21) and the four specialty cards (Phoenix, Barbarian, Spy, Hydra). In total, there should be 70 cards.

Feorhyrna -- an empire of eight kingdoms populated by fantastical monsters, feral warriors, and fabulous creatures. Control of the empire has always fallen to the kingdom with the most power -- power gathered from harvesting the mysterious and magical Royal Strawberries. But when the harvest is over and the emperor for that year has been crowned, a new season of plotting begins...and only the most cunning kings and queens can maintain control of their realm when the chaos of monsters, spies, and warlords assault their kingdom. Can you maintain control amidst the chaos?

Summary: After evenly dealing out 70 cards (belonging to just three suits), players evaluate their hand and choose three cards to pass to a neighbor. With these new hands, players simultaneously bid on how many tricks they think they can win for that round. Players earn 1 point for each trick they win and 5 bonus points for exactly completing their bids (a difficult task with four Chaos Cards in play)! After 5 hands, the game ends. The player with the most points wins! Can you maintain Control or will the four Chaos Cards disrupt your play?

Objective: The player with the most points at the end of 5 hands wins!

For a more detailed rule explanation of Control & Chaos, please visit this link!


Fill the Coffers (aka Anti-Speed)


Crimson War

Imperial Scum

Royal Shuffle

Imperial Treasures