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Imperial Harvest – Available now!


IMPERIAL HARVEST: Take control of two opposing teams and race to collect the greatest number of Royal Strawberries. To be successful, each player must master the powers of their respective characters, navigate the Imperial Gardens, evade enemy attacks, and collect the majority of the realm’s mysterious, magical fruit.     --     2 players. 20 minutes. Ages 10 and up.

IMPERIAL HARVEST: TAG TEAM (allows 2 additional players per additional copy of Imperial Harvest):
Grab another copy of Imperial Harvest, expand your board, and bring a new group of players to the table! With competitive tag-team rules, you and your allies can face-off against a team of worthy adversaries. By pairing skills and chaining more character actions, Imperial Harvest: Tag Team offers new creative strategies for navigating the board and cleverly collecting those precious strawberries. As always, only the craftiest team will win -- and watch out for those hydras!

2 copies = 3-4 players / 40 minutes
3 copies = 5-6 players / 50 minutes
4 copies = 7-8 players / 60 minutes

And don't forget our exciting first expansion...

Imperial Harvest: Merchants & Magic – Available now!

Three mystical and mysterious figures arrive in the Imperial Gardens to offer their assistance. New characters, powerful items, and wood tokens for every archetype take your Imperial Harvest game to a whole new level.


  • 3 Double-Sided Character Cards
  • 8 Equipment Cards
  • 8 Silver Wooden Character Tokens
  • 8 Gold Wooden Character Tokens 

Royal Strawberries - Kickstarter Spring 2017

A game of tactics, bloodlust, and strawberry picking. Draft your team of fairy tale characters and fight for the fabled fruit of Feorhyrna! With elements of capture the flag (but with more flags) and a tactical miniatures game (but with less rules and complexity), this thematic romp through the imperial gardens will challenge your tactics, cunning, and cleverness. 2-4 players, 30-60 minutes. Ages 10 and up.